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Baseball Lessons, Classes, and Camps

Providing Everything You Need To Grow In Baseball

Club Baseball Teams

Join us at YouthGold (YG) to become part of a passionate community of baseball players in San Francisco. We start teaching the fundamentals of the game at a young age and work with players to develop their competitive drive and sportsmanship. Let us help you take your baseball skills to the next level!

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Online Lessons

Recommended by Stanford Baseball

  • Fun way to engage during offseason being away from your crazy cool YG coaches

  • Players get video instruction from fun expert coaches

  • Drills with fun coach-player engagement and some of MLBs best players

  • Helps develop more smiles on and off the baseball field

  • Download the app on IOS for weekly lessons with our YG players. 

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1:1 Lessons

  • Amazingly fun personalized lessons

  • Help busy kids (and adults) with crazy jam packed schedules

  • No rush lessons to improve players skills

  • Develop a great connections with your coach

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Funday Baseball Classes

Players will have the best practice the have experiences in their life every Sunday through the spring season. We want players to have the best time in practice.

Each practice will be cooler than the last continuing to create enjoyment for your child in the sport. 

Sunday training is an extra opportunity to practice!

Just $50 per workout! Send us your payment via Venmo- YouthGold415 (do us a favor and add dates into Venmo subject, you can purchase one workout or multiple at a time it is up to you! Sigh)


If you would like to join Monday Hitting at SF Baseball Academy starting Feb 20- pay $50 via Venmo: YouthGold415

Practice Planning

We design the best practices for teams to have fun and play!

  • Why have kids sit around?

  • Let's get your team parents back in the game! 

  • YG coaches will help you bring your kids great memories!

  • We can bring back your parents glory days while getting their kids better at the game of baseball! 

  • We at YG want to help you today!

(caution: parents may pull a hamstring or two!)

Take a look at our free practice plan offering below!

Boys Team Warm Up

YG Baseball Camps

Our camp will consist of fun and memorable experience of the summer! 

Please bring your own lunch and baseball equipment.

  • Amazingly Fun Skill Development Drills: 9-12 noon

  • Exciting Lunchtime Entertainment: 12-12:30 pm

  • Playing baseball games: 12:45-3 pm


Sign up today with great payment options available. 

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