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About YG

What is YG about?

We Want To Keep Our Youth Golden!


(Why is youth golden?)


YouthGold (YG) is on a mission to preserve the precious essence of youth, and you might be wondering: why is youth considered as valuable as gold?

YG stands as a shining opportunity, focused on making youth baseball unforgettable and fun.

YG's core mission is not just playing baseball; we're creating something extraordinary. Our goal is to transform how baseball is experienced in our beloved city. We're fueled by a strong belief in helping young baseball players not only love the game but also excel in it with all the support and guidance they need.

What truly sets YG apart is our unbreakable connection to San Francisco. We're not just a baseball team or a club; we're a part of the very fabric of this city. We take immense pride in our urban home and are devoted to making a genuine impact on the local baseball community. 

We believe in the power of holistic youth development, fostering not only baseball skills but life skills as well. Our dream is to see San Francisco's children not only excelling on the baseball field but also cherishing their youth as a golden era in their lives. We want their smiles to shine as brightly as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Come and be a part of our remarkable journey as we uplift the youth of San Francisco and create enduring memories on the baseball field. You can stay connected with us on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where we share the latest updates and thrilling events.

We invite you to join this movement. Together, we can nurture the future stars of San Francisco baseball and create smiles that endure both on and off the field. Youth is golden, and with YG, it gleams more brilliantly than ever.

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