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What is YG about?


We Want To Keep Our Youth Golden!


(Why is youth golden?)


YouthGold (YG) is dedicated to creating an unforgettable and enjoyable environment for youth baseball. Our primary focus is on the young players of San Francisco, and we are committed to promoting their growth and success.

Our mission is to change the landscape of baseball in our beloved city. We are passionate about providing the young players of San Francisco with the guidance and support they need to fall in love with the game and develop their skills to the fullest.

Unlike any other travel baseball team or club development team, YG is rooted in its connection to San Francisco. We take pride in our city and are dedicated to making a real difference in the baseball community here. We believe in fostering proper youth development both through baseball and in life.

We envision San Francisco kids thriving on the baseball field and cherishing their youth as a golden time in their lives, with smiles as bright as the Golden Gate. Join us on our journey to uplift the youth of San Francisco and create unforgettable memories on the baseball field.

Check out our engaging content on our social media platforms - FB, Instagram, and Twitter - to stay connected with the latest updates and exciting events.

Help us make a difference for our youth - take a few minutes to leave a testimonial about the incredible experience we offer through our program. Together, we can nurture the future stars of San Francisco baseball and create lasting smiles on and off the field.

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