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What is YG about?


We Want To Keep Our Youth Golden!


(Why is youth golden?)


The most awesome fun coaching staff in San Francisco! Our goal is to create the best and most importantly fun environment for San Francisco youth baseball. Please take a few minutes to read the reason behind YG and what we really want to accomplish in the SF community. 

YouthGold (YG) exists because of the experiences I had growing up in San Francisco. As a youth in San Francisco I recognized the disproportion between kids playing in San Francisco versus other parts of the Bay Area. Playing at City College of San Francisco really pushed that notion of San Francisco baseball struggling because they could barely fund enough money from the school to receive baseballs. What I am saying is the lack of focus and care into SF baseball as a whole means we don't get quality coaching, facilities and the proper resources. Me and many of my friends had to leave SF to get any coaching or workout in any facilities that we felt was of a quality standard to get the instruction or training needed to be great in the game. So my mission running YG is to help change that standard in the city that I love. 


I knew in college I wanted to start a baseball program in my hometown and help change the landscape of baseball in the community. As I was researching how to start YG I came across the SF Baseball Academy and Mike Aicardi, who wants to make SF baseball better. This brought me extreme joy knowing that someone like Mike with the same passion to improve San Francisco baseball being natives to the city who understands the challenge of growing up an SF baseball player. YG works tirelessly to give the kids of San Francisco the proper guidance we believe every young athlete needs to make themselves truly fall in love with the game. 

YG is more than just another travel baseball team or club development team. It is a team that truly understands their SF roots and wants to make a difference in the baseball community.  

We want San Francisco kids to grow smiles on the baseball field and keep their youth as a golden time in their lives with those amazing Golden Gate Smiles!


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Click the Registration Form and fill out the YouthGold Application. If you are interested in signing up for travel baseball you can fill out the Travel Baseball Registration. 


We offer a free week of Practice to test out our program!  

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