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Welcome to YouthGold (YG)! We're a local club team dedicated to improving baseball culture in San Francisco. We teach the fundamentals of the game to our youngest players and help all our players hone their competitive drive and sportsmanship.

With our top-notch training and coaching, we'll help you develop your passion for the game and become part of a community of players who share your love of baseball. So why wait? Come join us and let's play ball together!

Summer and Fall Youth Baseball Registration:



Summer and Fall High School Baseball Registration:



Contact YouthGold at 1(415)851-4571

Youth Email 7-14 years old:

High School Player Email:

Baseball and Bat


Infield, Outfield, Catching, Hitting, and Pitching lessons are available now. 

In-Person and Video (TFA) Lessons are being offered today!

Sign up for lessons before we book up!

Schedule Today: 1(415)851-4571 or



Are you interested in your child having a blast! Come to our Baseball Clinic, play for our club team, and take some personal lessons!

Fill out the below if you want your son or daughter jumping for joy after playing baseball with YG!

We are a program designed to bring the fun into baseball for you and your friends. 


Just fill out this form to us to reach out and talk about the fun we bring into baseball.  

Please leave any comments/questions you may have about the program.

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